Entertainment Design >>> Continue making entertainment designs.

In order to do the design, we always aim for "special" things.

In order to do the design, I will create what you want.

And STUDIO FNC frees anything you like. I will do it when I want to do what I want to do.

Since we are free, there are many possibilities we can do.

We are not a company. We are a group of hobby activities.

However, there are many designs that can do such activities.

Therefore, we individually accept requests for work.

If you are interested in browsing this homepage, please contact us from the mail form.

Life is the best freedom. This is STUDIO FNC's policy.



The Tokyo office has good access from Shinjuku. We are always trying to incorporate state-of-the-art things. A member of STUDIO FNC was born in Tokyo and raised in Tokyo. We will continue to chase in our favorite Tokyo.

The Akita office is a limited time office. The representative Aota has been temporarily opened because it moved to Akita for local activities.

Representative >>> Ryunosuke Aota

Deputy representative >>> Mao Tomita

Only publishable works will be posted.

>>Night festival before the opening of professional baseball!

>>Visual design

>>Production in 2017

>>AKITA Northern Happinets


>>Production in 2016

>>Noshiro City

>>Cover design

>>Production in 2016

>>Can not publish


>>Production in 2016

>>Can not publish


>>Production in 2013



>>Production in 2012

>>Free Paper

>>Booklet editing

>>Production in 2012〜2013

>>Can not publish


>>Production in 2012

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